Sequoia Studios Victoria

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently engrossed in the world of fashion and design so I thought it would be nice to spend some time looking at something more physical and practical. Pierre Laliberte is a Victoria, BC based woodworker who has been building and designing furniture for the past 30 years, maintaining an active and inspiring workshop while juggling other jobs. Luckily for Victoria residents, he’s recently moved into the studio on a more permanent basis l, meaning there’ll be an increase in production. While he does some larger projects including cabinetry and flooring, what has really drawn us to him is his exceptional work with turned wood bowls and vases. Taking reclaimed wood from his neighbours, local beaches and downed trees in the area as well as some of the more traditional sources, Pierre is able to craft a dodgy stump into a bowl worthy of display in any home. His Victoria studio, should you ever be in the area, is completely worth a visit for some inspiration.

VIVE Skateboards

VIVE Skateboards

As a side point, and proving that apples do sometimes fall quite close to the tree, Pierre’s son Alex Laliberte has taken full advantage of a working woodshop and has gone into business crafting custom skateboard decks out of some of the leftover wood. They’re available at Victoria retailer HtO, or through contacting the proprietor himself. These custom pieces are as much a work of art as they are a functional piece, and would look as good underfoot as they would on the wall.


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