Unis New York’s Emmett Short

With summer firmly in place, owning a good pair of shorts is now a necessity. In my opinion, the most stylish looks are born in functional clothing, particularly in terms of dressing appropriately for the weather. No matter how nice your bespoke three-piece wool suit is, you’ll look foolish if you’re drenched in sweat in 30ºC  weather. The solution? Get a pair of shorts and flaunt those pale legs. One of the most appealing shorts available this summer is Unis New York’s Emmett short. Based on the incomparable – and favourite of the Facing Page – Unis Gio pant, the Emmett keeps the colour ways and style but removes the leg to end just above the knee. Given my love for the fit, style and build-quality of the Gio (I’ve owned 3 pairs in various colours) I’m of the opinion that the Emmett could be as close to the perfect short as you can get. The Emmett is cut from the same hand-dyed Italian fabric which somehow manages to be both warm in cool weather and cool in warm weather. With the Emmett Unis have taken the perfect chino and converted it into what looks to be a very promising short by simply taking the legs off. And really, that’s all they needed to do.

Photo Credit: Esquire.com, Unis New York


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