Le Typographe Stationary from Miscellaneous Store

Le Typographe is a Belgian printing shop who have become well-known and respected for their moveable lead and wood type. Recently they have produced a line of high-quality stationary which, thanks to Dutch retailer Miscellaneous Store, we’ve had the pleasure of using over the past months. Specifically, we’ve tried the Bloc To Do Marine notebook, Coffret Azur envelopes and cards, and ticket book. The quality of each piece is evident in the solidity of the card stock and strength of construction. The Coffret Azur envelope set includes 5 envelopes and cards ready to be customized for any occasion. The lack of content is pleasing, leaving it to the user to craft a unique message and removing the typical Hallmark drivel. The ticket-book, while perhaps less immediately useful, is so cute that it cries out for a use to be found – perhaps for admittance to a whisky tasting.  Of the three pieces we used, the Bloc To Do Marine notebook was the one that fit most easily into our lives. With the omnipresence of smartphones has lead to a surfeit of cloud-syncing, minimally (and maximally) designed To Do list apps just waiting to elegantly receive your notes, ping you with reminders and provide small Pavlovian rewards when you complete a task (cf. Clear). In this environment of over-eager digital PAs, it’s a refreshing change to use simple pen and paper to list the day’s work. Le Typographe’s Bloc To Do Marine notebook excels at this simple job. The pages are made from heavy card, each with 15 lines for tasks headed with the simple title: “TO DO LIST”. The bright green binding is a playful touch which complements the marine blue of the cover nicely and holds the pages together firmly. Although we didn’t get a chance to try them ourselves, the Carnet Reporteur Ardoise and the Calendrier Perpetual are two other products in Le Typographe’s collection that warrant further attention. The full Le Typograhe selection is available at Miscellaneous Store and is well worth perusing.

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