Maison Martin Margiela x Converse Sneaker

While it takes a lot in this day and age to put together a sneaker collaboration that genuinely stands out, French design house Maison Martin Margiela have teamed up with Converse to produce takes on both the Jack Purcell and the Chuck Taylor All Star Hi that will turn the heads of sneaker fans. The collection is unique in that it takes the classic Converse colours  red, navy and black as well as a Margiela-exclusive yellow then hand paints each pair – canvas, eyelets, laces and soles all included – in the Margiela white. “The Maison has always been obsessed with white; it is used as a layer to give an incognito feeling. A sort of poetry, with the passage of time, the shoe asserts itself” as the official explanation goes. Not content to rest on the fact that this is a better looking sneaker than most on the market, and that it will age uniquely, Converse and Margiela have also lined the shoes with a premium off-white leather for comfort. The wait for these hyped-up sneakers is now over, as Margiela stores and select Converse First String retailers have just opened their boxes and the shoes will be sold for $235. Tres Bien in particular would be worth checking up on.


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