Powell Street Craft Brewing x Four Winds Brewing Dunkelweizen

Much loved local nanobrewery Powell Street Craft Brewing, one close to the hearts of the Facing Page, has teamed up with Delta’s Four Winds Brewing to produce a limited edition Dunkelweizen for the autumn.  Dunkelweizen, a classic German dark wheat beer, is similar to the more common hefeweizen but is brewed with darker malts which give the beer their recognizable dark hue. The combination of a dark malts and lighter wheat flavours have made dunkelweizens a favourite of mine for crisp fall days. The Powell Street x Four Winds collaborative Dunkelweizen is launching next Tuesday, 1 October, at the Alibi Room with a two-tap takeover event which will feature a range of both breweries beers both in kegs and casks. As a one-off for the launch event, the breweries are producing a cask of a Banana Cocoa Nib Dunkelweizen. I’d usually be wary of such a beer, but both Powell Street and Four Winds have produced more than enough excellent beer to be trusted. The Facing Page will be in attendance so come say hi and join us for a pint if you see us.


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