A Whale of a Bag: The WHOWHAT Whale Duffle

Japanese brand WHOWHAT are clearly the type to go out on a limb when it comes to designing bags based on this clever duffle . The brand have taken the classic all-black canvas bag, and crafted it into the shape of a friendly whale to give an option to those who either love whales or wanted a great duffle without that traditional styling. They’re available in two sizes so you can have a proper pod of whales should you so desire. The two sizes are a medium and a large (or a grey whale and a blue whale for those who are more in tune with whale taxonomy). The smaller of the two will run you £175 at British retailer YMC, while the full Blue will run you £225. The whales are accented with a zip puller for a spine, logo buttons for eyes, a pouch pocket for a mouth and a form over function tail. If you should happen to be in the market for a great bag and wanted something a little off the beaten path, this might just end your search – they could be, colour aside, your great white whale.


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