Poler Stuff Camp Mug

We at the Facing Page are committed coffee drinkers as well as committed aesthetes so not only do we enjoy making and drinking a great cup of coffee, but we also like to do it with beautiful tools. From the coffee beans, to the grinder, to the cup, the quality and design are important to us. For the cup, I’ve always liked enamelled metal mugs. The classic speckled blue and white pattern of camping cookware is forever associated for me with campfires, hot drinks and fresh air. So, when I caught sight of camping good suppliers Poler Stuff’s Camp Mug, I had to get a pair. The design is typical of Poler Stuff in its considered lo-fi aesthetic. An orange tree sprouts from the base of the mug with Poler’s signature cyclops eye staring out of the upper branches. The pure white and orange tree make for a striking combination that looks just as good on your table as on top of an upturned log. As with all metallic mugs, especially those that are designed with weight considerations in mind, the metal radiates the heat more quickly than a thick-walled ceramic mug meaning your coffee will cool faster. However if you happen to be out in the cold, or inside an ancient apartment with single-pane windows and inefficient radiators, that hot metal cup of morning joy can be very nice to hold on to. At $15 a pair (plus shipping), Poler Stuff’s Camp Mug is an excellent and durable choice for both the home and the woods.

You can find the mugs at polerstuff.com along with many other desirable things.


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