11+ SOUND1 Speakers

With the increasing digitalization of our media it becomes more and more important to have a good set of speakers for your computer, tablet or phone. Though there are plenty of good options on the market, these 11+ SOUND1 speakers stand out as they’re designed to provide a clear and crisp stereo sound while also positively adding to the aesthetic of your desk space. The speakers, designed in Korea, are of a minimalist styling similar with that popularized by Apple. This means they won’t look at all out of place next to our favourite and most used products, but fear not – they’ll still add something to your space sitting next to any PC, and due to their bluetooth compatibility will play from any PC, tablet or smartphone wirelessly. One of my favourite parts of the design is their convenient storage system. When not in use, the cable for each speaker folds into the empty space at the base of each speaker and the two speakers can be joined together by embedded magnets and slotted perfectly into the included pouch. As an added design bonus, the slight angle at the base of the speaker allows you to tilt the SOUND1 toward you for the best possible sound. Though the 6W output power won’t be blowing anyone away, it certainly does the job for a quality desk speaker. The best part – they’ll only set you back $85 and are available now to buy online.

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