We Hear: October 2013

We Hear once again returns from a few months of hiatus with a fresh musical offering for your October listening pleasure. The leadoff track is the new single by Milosh, one of the two minds behind recent standout success Rhye. Entitled Slow Down, the song is a nice atmospheric listen. Second is Lines by the Hics, a British band just launching their career now. They’re sure to develop into a well known act in the coming months, so get in now and enjoy. Third is Shot at the Night by the Killers, not a band we’d typically feature but for this collaboration with Anthony Gonzalez of M83. The song definitely shows Gonzalez’s influence and results in a great track. Fourth is an older number, Home by LCD Soundsystem. I’ve been back onto LCD Soundsystem in a big way recently while finishing up medical school applications as they make for excellent work music – a purpose for which I’d most highly recommend them. Next up is another archival song, Lovers by Brothertiger, which leads into the final track, Alone in Vegas by Pusha T.

Slow Down – Milosh

Lines – The Hics

Shot at the Night – The Killers

Home – LCD Soundsystem

Lovers – Brothertiger

Alone in Vegas – Pusha T


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