Apolis Indigo Wool CPO Shirt Jacket

During the winter months in Vancouver layering is a necessity. With rapidly shifting temperatures and precipitation it is great to be able to change your outfit on the fly. In this regard, Apolis’ Indigo Wool CPO Shirt Jacket has fit perfectly into my wardrobe (or at least it would if I wasn’t wearing all of the time). Built from the same 13.5 oz Italian wool as their much loved Chore Jacket, the CPO Shirt is modelled after the jacket traditionally worn by Chief Petty Officers (hence, CPO) in the US Navy. The CPO Shirt Jacket is styled like a shirt but with slightly more room and a heavier fabric. It makes for a fantastic top layer on dry days and a middle layer on wet ones. There is ample space within the garment for a shirt and slimmer vest (such as this one from wings+horns) but it isn’t too bulky to fit under a shell or raincoat. The chest pockets are large enough for a phone, sunglasses or wallet and provide an elegantly functional detail. Hand-warmer pockets are cut into the sides for those colder days. As with many of the pieces we feature here at the Facing Page, the CPO Shirt Jacket shows great promise for wearing in well. It is dyed with indigo and like the Chore Jacket, will fade with time to create a garment unique to the wearer. Mine, after two months of heavy wear, has already started to develop its own pattern. I look forward to seeing how it has changed in a few years time.

The Indigo Wool CPO Shirt Jacket is available at apolisglobal.com.


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