ETQ Amsterdam: One to Watch

Emerging on the radar of a number of publications in 2013, we’ve got Dutch sneaker makers ETQ Amsterdam at the head of our list for a brand most likely to take off in 2014. Offering both men and women an option to get into a shoe similar in aesthetic and quality to Common Projects at a considerably more attractive price point, ETQ have built an exceptional reputation with their philosophy of keeping production relatively small and the degree of craftsmanship very high. ETQ utilizes experienced craftsmen in their small-scale factory in Portugal. While this guarantees quality, it can result in the brand running out of models in their online shop while batches are being put together. The leather used in the shoes is of a high quality so your hard won shoes will have the durability to remain intact and attractive beyond the lifespan of many competitors. Having had the pleasure of reviewing a pair for another publication, I can say with the utmost confidence that these are worth having a look at for yourself. Their recently released all-black line is a great starting point, giving you a shoe that will be versatile and will garner many an envious glance.


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